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Featured Products

Virtual IT Room

Improve efficiency in your daily operations, and reduce your IT operating costs by over 75% by migrating to the cloud with PalGeek’s Virtual IT Room solution.

Website Management

Increase your productivity and eliminate anxiety by having us manage your business website for you. No more security threats, lost data, down times or out dated software.

Website Design

Take control of your online brand, and connect with customers all over the world with a modern, mobile friendly business website designed by digital marketing specialists.

Featured Customers

Painting Company Business Websites | By PalGeek

A Painting Company Website – Case Study A Painting Company Website What do you do when you are approached by someone with exquisite taste, and who knows exactly what they want in their website?  You follow their lead and learn from them.  This is exactly...

News & Articles

How To Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin

How To Configure Yoast Wordpress Plugin The Yoast Wordpress Plugin is one of the best and most downloaded Wordpress plugins.  It helps website designers and users optimize their pages and posts for google and other search engines. When you first create a page or post...
5 pitfalls of poor design.

5 Pitfalls of Poor Design

5 Pitfalls of Poor Design When launching a new product, or running a startup you are constantly under the gun to deliver results quickly. Unfortunately in the mayhem quality standards can be sacrificed or set aside temporarily. The typical startup strategy aims to...
12 Things The Gym Taught me about running a startup

12 Things The Gym Taught Me About Running a Startup

12 Things The Gym Taught Me About Running a Startup I am happy to share today that I have achieved my fitness goals that I aimed for over 12 months ago.  It took a lot of handwork, dedication and support from my family.  During this time I have noticed strong...

A Strategy for Building a Strategy

A Strategy for Building a Strategy As a startup, we constantly strategize, think of where we are going, where we want to be, and how to get there. Obviously given our size, it is easy for us to align internally and make difficult decisions quickly. Unfortunately as...

Having Problems? How’s Your Customer Support?

Having Problems?  How's Your Customer Support? The saying goes as follows "It is difficult to truly measure customer satisfaction", "Only disgruntled customers care to provide feedback", "That guy was just having a bad day when he called".  Even though the above maybe...

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