5 Benefits of Rent A Website Design Model

The Rent A Website Design Model is a relatively new model in website design services.  There are four types of companies that offer website related services:

1. Website Development Companies: Basically they design websites for a fixed fee.  Payment is usually done in two phases, an amount before work starts, and an amount when work is ready for handover to the customer.

2. Website Hosting Companies: They would offer different types of hosting packages that allow you to host your website.

3. Website Services Companies: Mostly added value services such as marketing, graphics, and/or search engine optimization.

4. Rent A Website Development companies: Companies that offer elements of all the above for a fixed monthly rate, typically more expensive than flat hosting, but more affordable than fixed website design fees.

Benefits Of Rent A Website Design Model

  • Lower Investment risk

A well designed website, depending on the specifications, quality of work, and company doing the work can easily cost thousands of dollars for a good product. This is a very steep investment from the get-go. In many cases the website initially designed doesn’t meet the marketing, branding or business needs of the customer. With rent a website design model, this can be averted.

  • Start small, upgrade later

Instead of putting extensive requirements for a huge website project, it is advisable to grow your website organically as you need. Features and designs that may seem to be necessary during the initial phases, may turn out to be unneeded, or even harmful to the website and its business objectives. Growing a website slowly over time, adding features and testing the user response is a more prudent method.   With rent a website design model you can grow over time for a flat monthly fee.

  • Pay for what you see

A major challenge for customers of website development companies is that they typically imagine their website in one way, and what they get in the end is something else.   The reason is usually due to limitations in theme design, available code, and capability of the design team. Rent A Website design model allows the customer to sample the dish before purchasing the whole thing. You get to see the website getting built and operating over time without a major initial investment.

  • End to end support

Rent a Website design services provide full end to end support. This means that if there is a problem with the website design, features, or hosting a customer can rely on the rent a website provider to provide the necessary support to rectify the issue quickly.   Full development companies can only provide guarantees of the website they design, on the other hand, hosting companies will resolve hosting issues only.

  • Added services

Services such as website backups, added security features, image customization, adding/removing website features, optimization support, are not offered by either website development companies or hosting companies. Only rent a website design model can deliver such expanded services for affordable monthly rates.


Rent a Website with PalGeek.  PalGeek is a website design and hosting company and we also offer fully managed websites under our rent a website design and hosting model.  We also specialize in Arabic Website Design and Hosting. 

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