About PalGeek

PalGeek Inc. is a Canadian technology company founded in 2013.  PalGeek Inc. quickly grew to become a leader in business digital solutions helping organizations around the world digitize their services, grow their revenue and profitability, and prepare themselves for a future of technology disruptions.

A Message from the CEO

Hello, and thank you for choosing PalGeek.  Everyday customers and organizations from around the world honour PalGeek by choosing us to solve their business problems and help them digitize their operations to better compete in a world that is always in motion.  I, too am honoured, to lead an innovative and forward looking technology company committed to excellence and focused on creating genuine value for our customers and investors.  Our product line is filled with innovative business solutions that will give our customers a decisive edge over their competition.    I can barely contain my excitement, and I look forward to show case our solutions to you in the near future.

Basem Temraz, CEO PalGeek Inc.

PalGeek’s Mission

To create products and services that enable our customers to solve today’s problems, and prepare them to solve the problems of the future.

PalGeek’s Values

We Create Exceptional Value

Everyday we come to work at PalGeek with a single obsession and that is to create exceptional and genuine value.  We create value for our customers, our share holders, our employees, and our communities.  This obsession leaves it’s mark on the way we operate, the products we create and the customers we serve.

We Create Exceptional Products

Creating exceptional products that are rich in features and high in quality is our daily passion.  From requirement collections, concept creation, design stage, development, go-to market, to the moment a product reaches our customers we strive to create unique, feature rich solutions that will solve our customers’ problems and stand the test of time.

We Deliver Exceptional Service

Our exceptional customer service does not start after a product has been purchased.  On the contrary, our exceptional customer service starts during our first interaction, first presentation, first demo, through the sales process, and finally through the product’s life-time.  We are not perfect, but we strive to be every single day.

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