Know Your Customers

  • Gain insight into your customer base.
  • Reduce abandoned shopping carts.
  • Understand what your customers are looking for.
  • Increase revenue and conversion rates.

PalGeek’s Business Data Analytics


Initial Assessment

We perform a thorough assessment of your business websites, social media streams, customer base, and business objectives.  The assessment help determine the type of data analytics that is required, and frequency of measurement and reporting.


Analytics Tools

Based on the initial assessment and business objectives we will setup the analytics tools and platforms and integrate them into your business website and social streams.  Data collection starts almost instantaneously generating important insight into your customer base,  performance of your website, and digital marketing streams.



Data analytics allows us to measure things such as customer engagement, website performance, geographical relevance, bounce rates, conversion rates, social traffic, abandoned shopping carts, customer demographics, and much more.


Actions and Enhancements

An important part of data analytics services is the “to-do list”.  Once strengths and weaknesses have been identified, and information has been gathered, a detailed action list is created by our digital marketing experts.  The action list includes recommendations about best times to post to social media, types of social media to target based on your customer base, landing pages development and enhancements, security upgrades, enhancing website flow logic, and hosting upgrades to enhance speeds.



Continuous monitoring of your website traffic, website performance, and social medial channel analytics will show in real time what is and what is not working in terms changes and enhancements in your digital business channels.



The cornerstone of great data analytics is insightful, straightforward reports that provide a rich, and accurate analysis of your business’ digital presence.  You will be able to track your progress from report to report showing progress in customer engagement and revenue generation.

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Business Data Analytics

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