How To Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin

The Yoast WordPress Plugin is one of the best and most downloaded WordPress plugins.  It helps website designers and users optimize their pages and posts for google and other search engines.

When you first create a page or post the Yoast Plugin Snippet will look like this:  Notice there is no title, focus keyword and things look very empty.

Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin Before

We will now use Yoast Plugin to tell google exactly what this page or post is all about, so that it can be served to the right users look for the content that we are writing about.  For example, this particular post is about configuring Yoast WordPress Plugin.    That would make a great focus keyword.  Remember, it is important that you select your focus keyword carefully and the focus keyword should not be used in more than one page or post.

Step 1: Choose a descriptive and appropriate keyword for the page or post you are working on.  Think about what a user searching for your content would enter into the search engine.

Step 2: Enter the selected keyword into the focus keyword field:

Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin Focus Keyword

Step 3: Enter a descriptive title for your page or post.  It is important to have the keyword as part of the page/post title and page/post url.  This will give another indication to search engines of the topic and content within.

Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin Post Title

Step 4: Fill in the Yoast SEO Plugin fields with a meaningful description:

SEO title is the title that will appear in the search engine search results.  Again, it is essential that the keyword be included there.

Meta description servers two purposes.  It is parsed by the search engines to understand what your page or post is about.  It is very important to include a good description of what your page or post is about.  In this case, our post is about configuring the Yoast WordPress Plugin.  The other purpose is that this is what will be shown to users in the search results under the title.  So it is important for the description to be clear, and to the point.

Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin After

Now it is important to write great content that users will find useful and will search for in the google and other search engines.  Make sure that you write in a natural style that people (and search engines) will understand and appreciate, and make sure to include your keyword. However, it is also important to ensure that you do not over use the keyword in an unnatural way.  Google and other search engines are very good at find pages and posts that mis-use this and stuff the keyword in an attempt to rank without providing good content or value.  Such pages and posts are then typically penalized.

In addition to configuring the Yoast WordPress Plugin, it is important for SEO to ensure you are using the right category and right tags.

Think of Categories as the table of content of a book.  This post is about search engine optimization and how the Yoast plugin fits in it.  So a great category would be “Search Engine Optimization”

Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin Category

On the other hand, thing of tags as the index at the back of a book.  There you should mention things of interest that maybe referred to in the post.

Configure Yoast WordPress Plugin Tags



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