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This is the second post in a our create your own website series.  As promised on Linkedin we will publish a series of detailed guides on how you can create, host and publish your own website.  The first post in the series can be found here.

Long gone are the days of hard coding websites with PHP, HTML, or another language.  Thanks to the effort of the many thousands of developers around the world today we have great website creation frameworks called content management systems (CMS).  CMSs are a relatively recent innovation allowing for fast paced, high quality, and flexibility in website development and prototyping.


Wordpress Easy Settings

WordPress Easy Settings


Using a CMS, a web designer can point and click his or her way into changing the look and feel of a website, and install feature rich add-ons and smart applications to enhance and expand the functionality of the website.  Thousands of these add-ons are available for free, while some are paid.




Wordpress Easy Publishing

WordPress Easy Publishing


Further more, a good CMS has a user friendly dashboard allowing the most novice users to easily add, edit, and remove website posts, updates, images, and add-on functions.  This enables almost any user to update their website content from anywhere and easily maintain the look and style of their personal or business website.



WordPressJoomlaDrupal are examples of great content management systems.  We highly recommend  WordPress because it is stable, and has a huge development community supplying it with great add-on functions in little programs called plugins that are easy to install.

Most good hosting providers provide you with an easy method to install a CMS.  If you have a C-panel you can follow the below simple steps:


1. Login to  your c-panel

2. Go down to “Software/Services”

3. Click on the icon “QuickInstall”

4. This should open a new page providing links to all the software packages that can be installed for your website.

5. In the list you should be able to find WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

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