Create Your Own Website

An Introduction

As promised on Linkedin we will publish a series of detailed posts on how to create your own website including design and hosting.  As the first in the series this post will provide an introduction into the process and a summary of the topics that will be discussed in future posts.  Building your own website is very easy if you know what you need to do, the order of doing it, and have access to the right tools.  In this series we will assume that you know exactly what you want in terms of look and feel of the website.

To create your own website you will need the following elements:

1. A Content Management System. (free)

2. Select A WordPress Theme (free or paid)

3. Register A Domain (paid)

4. WordPress Hosting (free or paid)

5. WordPress Plugins (free or paid)

6. Google Analytics (free)

7. Search Engine Optimization (free or paid)

9. Security (free or paid)

10. Optimization (free)

11. Graphics (free or paid)

12. Social (free or paid)

13. Content (free or paid)

14. Marketing (free or paid)

15. Website Management (free or paid)

Rent a Website with PalGeek.  PalGeek is a website design and hosting company and we also offer fully managed websites under our rent a website design and hosting model.  We also specialize in Arabic Website Design and Hosting. 

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