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A domain name is your digital business address and it says a lot about you.

Please follow the below dos and don’ts for domain names

  1. Don’t choose an inside joke name or something that doesn’t make sense to a wider audience.
  2. Don’t use dashes in the name.  They are hard for people to remember.
  3. Use something that is easy to remember.
  4. Aim for a .com name, since it is easier to remember.
  5. Don’t waste money on buying various other extensions for your business as you will rarely need them. Unless you are trying to protect a trade mark or patent.
  6. Don’t spend a fortune on a domain name, espically for a yet to be established startup. One trick is to aim for a slightly misspelled version of the name you want, point in example: tinder.
  7. Don’t purchase a 5 year domain name registration. If your business takes off, the registration fee will be negligible. If it doesn’t then you will save that money to buy another domain name later on for another business.
  8. Avoid names close to other trade marks or slightly misspelled trade marks that that can amount to trade mark infringement in the courts.
  9. If your business is targettinga particular geographic area, then put it in the name. It will help you in driving the right kind of traffic to your site.
  10. Go for nice, simple and easy to remember.

Where to buy a domain name

The best provider for buying domain names that we have dealt with is Godaddy. While their prices maybe slightly higher than other providers, they have amazing support, a wide range of services and an easy to understand dashboard. It is always advisable to purchase your domain name from a different provider than your hosting provider. This is important in case you have a falling out with your hosting provider, it will make it easier to migtate your site and point it to the new hosting provider with little effort or trouble.


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