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A hosting server is where your website would reside. That is where your content management system, images, and content that you create would sit. There are many hosting providers that you can work with and choosing a good hosting provider is important to ensure that your site visitors have good experience. Here are the list of things to look for in any good hosting provider:


Most important considerations

Server speed

Sever speed determines how fast your website is recalled and served for your customers. This can make a huge difference in their perception of your website quality and speed. If your hosting provider offers SSD drivers instead of the traditional drivers, this would make a big difference.

Datacenter Redundancy

Datacenter redundancy. To protect your brand and data, it is important to ensure that your website is hosted in a proper datacenter with multiple geographical location redundancy.

Disk Space

For a typical website you should not require more than 1 GB of diskspace.


Subdomains: if your domain was, then would be a subdomain. Having flexibility in subdomains is important as you grow your website.

Add on domains

Another important consideration.   Having the ability to have more than 1 domain within the same hosting account allows you to host multiple websites from the same account.

WordPress Hosting

This means that your hosting environment will already be setup with WordPress. While this is great for a beginner, these types of packages tend to be more expensive and less flexible than the normal hosting packages. If you feel that you are not technology savvy enough to install wordpress in a typical hosting environment then likely you will not be able to customize your own wordpress environment on your own either and you should get professional support.

Email addresses

Again, an over advertised feature. A typically website shouldn’t need more than 5 email addresses.


Great hosting providers


InMotion Hosting

They are a great hosting provider and we highly recommend them and have used them for ourselves and our clients.


A great hosting company, with amazing technical support and many great features. Hostgator is another company that we regularly use for ourselves and our clients.


The famous domain name provider is a top notch company with responsive and amazing support. Several of our clients have used them with a good level of satisfaction. They have a good WordPress Hosting package .

Rent a Website with PalGeek.  PalGeek is a website design and hosting company and we also offer fully managed websites under our rent a website design and hosting model.  We also specialize in Arabic Website Design and Hosting. 




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