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The content management system WordPress has a concept called themes.   The first and most important decision you need to make in your website development project is choosing the right theme.   A theme is a container that allows your website to look a certain way, and has configurable parameters that allow you to place logos, favicons, social sharing buttons, page templates and post templates.   Therefore a template controls the look and feel of your website.

Not All Themes are created equal

While some themes are well coded, well maintained by their owners and stable, other themes are poorly coded and can cause problems for your website down the line. Furthermore, some new themes are highly configurable where you can easily change the layout.

Where to find and purchase themes

Free themes from your WordPress Dashboard

WordPress offers many great and free themes.  You can easily access and install those from your WordPress admin dashboard.

First, go to Appearance, and select Themes

Wordpress Add a Free Theme

Wordpress Add New Theme

Wordpress Add New Themes

Browse through the themes, select and activate the ones you like.  Once you do that you can visit your site and see how it looks like.

WordPress Theme Providers


Theme forest is a great place to find good WordPress themes.  Again it is important to review the theme online to ensure that it has a good number of users and they provided a good star review for the theme.


ThemeMonster is another place where you can find WordPress themes.  Same applies.  Review carefully before making any purchases.


Elegant Themes are different from both Themeforest and TemplateMonster in that they sell only their own created themes.  We regularly use their themes and can vouch for the very high quality work that they do.  They also have excellent customer support and keep their themes up to date.  The themes seem to be very stable and are always updated with new features.

Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the above organizations, and do not get paid to advertise them here. This is done solely for your benefit and reference.

Rules of thumb regarding themes:

  1. We highly encourage you to evaluate a theme very well before investing money in purchasing a theme.
  2. You should never spend over $100 for a theme
  3. Ignore offers to buyout a theme layout (usually for thousands of dollars) as you will find that you will modify the look and feel of your website several times until you get it right for the purposes of your users and their quality of experience.
  4. When in doubt consult a professional
  5. Only buy themes that are currently and well maintained.
  6. Google any theme before purchase to read user reviews, but still take those reviews with a grain of salt.
  7. Consider working with a professional website development company such as PalGeek that will offer you the best and latest professional theme included in the development of the website.   Lets do the math:
    1. Do it yourself
      1. Cost of a good theme = $60 – $90.
      2. Hosting for 1 year = $120
  • Cost of your time + pain + mistakes
  1. PalGeek Professional Website for $349
    1. Includes 1 year of hosting : worth $120
    2. Includes a professional theme: worth $87
  • A fully developed website to your taste.
  1. Pay only after development is done
  2. And around the clock support.

From a professional perspective we highly recommend and use elegant themes. They have extremely well coded, stable and updated themes. Again, we are not affiliated with them in any way and do not get paid for advertising their products nor are we a reseller of their products. However, we do use Elegant themes in our website development projects.


Rent a Website with PalGeek.  PalGeek is a website design and hosting company and we also offer fully managed websites under our rent a website design and hosting model.  We also specialize in Arabic Website Design and Hosting. 

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