Smart City – Smart Healthcare

  • Protect those who matter the most.
  • Reduce medical errors.
  • Streamline healthcare delivery.
  • Advanced macro healthcare insight.

Smart Healthcare


Electronic Healthcare Records

Modernize healthcare infrastructure, reduce your costs and cut down on errors by utilizing PalGeek’s electronic healthcare system.


Automated Health Reports Digest

PalGeek’s proprietary machine learning based Natural Language Processor digests medical reports from multiple sources in real time to ensure that medical practitioners see the latest and most relevant medical information when making life saving decisions.


Mobile Healthcare Records

Allow patients to electronically access their integrated electronic medical reports from anywhere in the world using PalGeek’s mobile electronic healthcare solution.  Keep your patients safe no matter where they are in the world.


Drug Contraindication Assist Manager

The diversity of the human genome, diet, and environments  means that different drugs affect us in different ways.  PalGeek’s Drug Contraindication Assist Manager software provides medical practitioners with the tools needed to prescribe safe medications at safe dose levels to their patients based on their medical history, latest medical reports, and genome specific drivers.


Electronic Crew Management

Solve one of the most difficult problems in any fast paced environment.  Automated work flow and crew management system that is designed from the ground up for hospitals and healthcare practitioners.


Macro Insight

Macro insights provides policy makers with the tools and information necessary to design better healthcare policies, and helps national governments manage critical resources to deliver streamlined, high quality healthcare.

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Smart City – Smart Health

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