Having Problems?  How’s Your Customer Support?

The saying goes as follows “It is difficult to truly measure customer satisfaction”, “Only disgruntled customers care to provide feedback”, “That guy was just having a bad day when he called”.  Even though the above maybe true, the best measure of customer satisfaction is your revenue.  Unless you truly have a unique product that no one else can provide, your revenue is the best measure of the satisfaction of your customers.  Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are your revenues growing?

2. Are you acquiring new word-of-mouth customers without breaking the bank on a marketing budget?

3. Do you have repeat customers?  Do they Stick around?

If the answer to the above questions is NO, then check on your customer support department, and ask the following questions:

1. Does our company have the right processes and tools in place to truly take in customer feedback and suggestions to improve our products and services?

2. Does our customer support staff have the right training and tools?

3. Does our customer support staff understand their role within your organization?  How do they get measured in terms of performance?

4. Are our customer support staff truly empowered to resolve the problems of our customers, and make the situation truly right for them?

5. Most Importantly, How are we treating our customer support staff?

I have seen many large companies who spend millions of dollars annually on consultants and customer surveys to try to figure out what the consumer wants, while their customer support departments are neglected and their existence is seen as a necessary evil.  This is unfortunate because the information that can be mined from customer support is invaluable to building and customizing the right products and services;  It is invaluable to turning an unhappy customer to a happy and loyal customer and even better to a sales person for your company;  And it is free!

At PalGeek we have built our company processes around customer support.  Everything is driven by the customer input including Marketing, Sales and Product Engineering.  The feedback that we get from our customers is diligently documented, and our processes and methods are modified to ensure we learn from every interaction.  Our customer support staff understand that they have a single mandate “Turn every customer who calls into a sales person for PalGeek”.

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