Internal Auditing

  • Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency.
  • Identify and address IT security risks.
  • Identify and address process gaps.

Internal Auditing Services

Administrative Auditing

Let our experts review your corporate policies, procedures including but limited to HR practices, procurement policies and procedures, organisational structure, contract structures, roles and responsibilities and more.

Operational Auditing

PalGeek hires some of the world’s most experienced business leaders and professionals.  Benefit from our experience in running international business operations including product design, product marketing, development, operations, customer support, program and project management, and product life cycle management.  Our professional management consultants come from various backgrounds in telecommunications, software startups, data-center management, oil & gas, and healthcare.  Our experts will help you identify opportunities to improve operational and financial efficiencies, enhance process effectiveness and customer experience and loyalty.

IT Auditing

IT and telecom systems are typically considered a large black box to corporate leaders around the world due to the lack of deep technical knowledge required to properly assess the benefits, risks and operational gaps in this area.  There always seems to be a disconnect between a companies business leaders and those in charge of running its IT and telecom systems.  Lack of clarity on cost justifications, future roadmap requirements and risk assessments are always an area of desired improvement.  PalGeek’s experts come from diverse technical and business backgrounds that are able to bridge these gaps and offer a coherent and accurate assessment of a company’s IT and telecom systems, cost structure, organizational flow, software and hardware roadmaps, and security gaps.    We will assist you in identify current and future risks, and help you address them so that your organization can stay functional, efficient and competitive for the foreseeable future.


The PalGeek Advantage

Certified Auditors

Our management and auditing experts are certified auditors in TL-9000, ISO 9001, & ISO 27001, and have worked with international organizations around the world.

International Experience

PalGeek’s management consultants, who actively advise our business customers, come from various backgrounds including IT, Telecom, Oil & Gas, and Healthcare.   We have advised customers ranging from startups struggling with roadmaps and sales, to established Tier-1 organizations shifting gears to remain competitive and viable in the future.   We bring to the table rich expertise in research and development, operations, marketing, sales, relationship building, go to market, and breaking into emerging markets.

Solution Oriented



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Internal Auditing 

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