Online Business Strategy

Today’s digital marketing technologies in the form of social media, websites, mobile applications and online advertising offer small business owners and new market entrants the ability to rapidly reach new revenue streams and reduce costs. Unfortunately, these same digital tools, without competent design and management, can destroy your online reputation and cause your business to lose sales and customers. The decision on the type of online presence, and mix of digital marketing tools deployed must be the product of a clear corporate strategy. This strategy must directly relate to the business’ balance sheet. A structured process must be used to identify the business problems to be addressed, goals to be achieved, solutions to be deployed, and methodology of measuring results.

Business Problem & Goals Identification

Too often, clients approach us for our digital marketing products and services without the proper analysis of the problem that they are trying to solve. There is no clear connection in their minds between the product being requested, and the business’ balance sheet. This is a warning sign that more research and analysis is required to avoid disappointments, and unnecessary investments. We work closely with our customers to identify sources of untapped revenues and/or opportunities to reduce costs. Measurable goals and expectations are set.

Solution Identification & Design

With a clear business need identified, it becomes a simple matter to design the right tools to address this need. Each client is different and a different mix of services and products are considered. Websites are a great way to increase brand recognition, advertise new products, services and offers. Mobile applications are a great way to enhance revenue access to a wide demographic carrying smartphones. Mobile applications allow businesses to send push notifications and alerts and facilitate ecommerce transactions. Social pages are a great way to reach new customers and go viral with a great new product. This is especially true if the business has a visually appealing product. For example, catering companies have been very successful in using Facebook to reach new customers and increase revenues. Another important tool is search engine optimization, where clients focus on relevant keywords to improve organic search results rankings.

Result Measurement & Strategy Optimization

Measuring results is an important and often overlooked step in the life cycle of a digital marketing product. In many cases digital marketing tools end up with a mix of expected and totally unexpected results. It is important to accurately, and coherently measure the impact to address any gaps and to capitalize on gains, both seen and unforeseen.

In Summary, always start with the end in mind. Always plan, set goals and invest in the right solution for the right problem. Consumers are continuously bombarded by digital gibberish on daily basis. To standout, offer your audience real value, a human and personal touch, and genuinely aim to improve their lives.

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