Rent A Website Design and Hosting

Because a Great Website Shouldn’t Break the Bank

The first website I ever launched 5 years ago  cost me and my partner more than five thousand dollars.  It was a great website, really functional, with beautiful graphics.  However, our business idea turned out to be a complete failure.  We had built something that no body really wanted to use, and our marketing strategy was a complete failure.  We thought that if we just build it, they will come.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It was a great learning experience and we used our skills to move on and do other successful things.  

We later on discovered that building great websites was not as difficult or complicated as many would have you believe.  In fact, great content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla make the job a lot simpler.  Many features can be implemented through modules or plugins that are readily available on the net.   Beautiful themes can be bought online or simply created through readily available tools.  Obviously not every small business person has the interest, passion or time to build a website for their business, nor should they.  The first job of a business person is to focus on their business  model, marketing strategy, value to the consumer, cash flow, revenue and cost.  That doesn’t mean however, that you should pay thousands of dollars for someone to design a website for you, dump it on some server some where and run away.  Nothing could be more disappointing.

At PalGeek we don’t charge you anything up front because we don’t believe in charging you for something you haven’t seen or don’t like.  We make our money by ensuring that you continue to host with us as long as your business is successful.  This makes your success part of ours.  We provide you with around the clock support to ensure your business needs are met.  We help you market and optimize your website.  We provide you with state of the art hosting because we want your consumers to have a great experience on your website.   We secure and backup your site regularly to ensure it doesn’t get hacked.

Rent a Website with PalGeek.  PalGeek is a website design and hosting company and we also offer fully managed websites under our rent a website design and hosting model.  We also specialize in Arabic Website Design and Hosting. 

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