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One of the most cost effective and high return digital marketing strategies is to ensure that a website can be found by potential buyers using specific industry related keywords.  Our digital marketing specialist can help your business reap the benefits of being visible on the world wide web to ensure you maximize the returns on your investment !

PalGeek Search Engine Optimization 


Initial Assessment

We perform a thorough assessment of your search engine appearances, your website performance, links pointing to your domain, reputation of your domain, your security reputation and much more.  This will provide us with an initial to-do-list to start enhancing your online image and improving your search engine rankings.


Advanced Keyword Research

The most important aspect of search engine optimization is the selection of the industry related keywords that will result in a commercial benefit.  It is not sufficient to rank high for just any keyword, and it is not sufficient to rank high for just “informational keywords”.  It is important to try to rank well for keywords that reflect “buyer’s intent”.  These are the keywords that we will research for your specific industry and locale.


Content Advise

Despite the claims of shoddy website development companies and claimed digital marketing “experts”, having great content is the key to ranking well in search engines.  Obviously the content must be properly optimized, and your website must be properly optimized for search engines to properly rank your website.  However, regular content that users find useful is the key to good search engine rankings.


Keyword Performance Monitoring

Search engine optimization is a sustained activity of keyword research, keyword performance measurement and modification to rank higher.  It measure the effectiveness of the new keywords we measure a large number of metrics including search engine rankings, click-through rates, bounce rates, page-exits, user interaction flows and much more.    This typically provides a comprehensive view of the progress made, and provides an insight into what needs to be done next.


Continued Optimization of Website

In addition to selecting and adjusting the right keywords for your specific industry and business, many other factors affect search engine appearance and more importantly user interaction and commercial benefit from users visiting your website.  These factors include website security, security reputation, SSL certificates, website speed index, website design flow, and many others.  All these are assessed and optimized as part of the search engine optimization service.


Comprehensive Reports

You can not improve something that you can not measure.  With our regular and comprehensive reports as part of this service you will receive detailed reports showing the performance of the current keywords, recommended content to add, as well as actions taken by our team to improve your search engine rankings.  You will be able to track your progress in search engine rankings from week to week.

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Search Engine Optimization 

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