Unlock The Power of Social Media

  • Drive customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Enhance brand awareness.
  • Generate a strong leads stream.


The Power Of Social Marketing


Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses in the digital age.  Statistics prove again and again the power of social media marketing to help businesses generate new leads, grow revenue and brand recognition.

Of the surveyed businesses:


  • 87% said that social media helped grow their revenue.
  • 66% said that social media helped them find new customers.
  • 59% reported increased sales.

Social Media Marketing



The key to a successful social media marketing strategy is performing a thorough assessment of your business needs, requirements, capabilities, current and future customers.  This information will determine which media streams to focus on, and how to integrate those efforts into driving revenue generating traffic to your business.



At this stage, based on a detailed assessment of your business objectives, nature, and capabilities, we will create an end to end social media marketing strategy that answers the following questions.

  • Who will be owning the effort within your organisation ?
  • What will be the compelling content that you will share on social media to drive engagement ?
  • When and how often do you need to post to social media streams ?
  • Where to focus on initially, starting with 1 or 2 and then growing to others ?
  • Why social media marketing, and what does success look like ?
  • How do we measure and enhance our social media marketing efforts ?

Development & Integration

With a clear roadmap based on a careful assessment and clear strategy we begin development of your social media strategy.  This includes the creation of your social media accounts, layout design, and implementing automation tools to improve efficiency.   We integrate your social media pages and accounts back into your business website which should be the ultimate destination for your user traffic leading to increase in sales and profits.



A consistent effort with compelling content is the corner stone of a successful social media marketing strategy.   The social media effort must be sustained and consistent for at least 30 days, with results taking 60 to 90 days to be measurable.  We can either run the engagement on your behalf, or work closely with your team to ensure correct and quality execution of the laid out strategy is in progress.



It takes a minimum of 30 days of consistent social media engagement to start to generate results.   Through detailed analytics reports we measure the performance of the social media marketing plan being executed.  We identify points of weakness and strength which are always different from business to business.    In addition to sources of traffic we look for demographic engagement, geographic appeal, best times to post, most engaging posts and more, and performance of your website once traffic is channeled to it.



Thorough and effective measurement allows us to create a to-do list of enhancements and modifications that must be executed on the affected social media channels as well as your business website to ensure maximum effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.  This includes optimizing landing pages, ensuring the right languages are configured, right fonts, colors, banner placements, message clarity, and much more.  Advanced methodologies such as A/B testing are deployed to test multiple landing pages for maximum effectiveness and user engagement.  Ultimately the real measure of any marketing strategy is commercial success.

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Social Media Marketing

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