Top 5 WordPress Plugins

You have covered all the points;  You purchased your domain name;  You paid for and configured your hosting services;   Your name servers have been set;  You installed wordpress software through your C-Panel;   The long road to building content and marketing your business  or blog has begun.  The reality is that successful internet marketing can make your business a lot of money through sales leads and/or advertising revenue.  Typically the first thing businesses and bloggers worry about is the look and feel of the website;  Which color combination to use, logo, themes, graphics, copy right statements, etc.  The reality is that the inside of your wordpress site matters as much as what it looks like on the outside.  The three things that you need to immediately start worrying about once you go live are Security, Performance, and Marketability of your content.  The following plugins deal with these areas:

1. Better WP Security (Secure your site)

The digital world is a fun one, but it is also a dangerous one.  People may try to hack your site for a variety of reasons;  To insert back links to their site, or other sites;  Because they think it is fun;  Because they think your site contains valuable information;   The good news is that WordPress has a variety of good security plugins that we have used, and they work.  We highly recommend Better WP Security.  Another good option is Wordfence and we have used both of these plugins for our clients.  What I really like about Better WP Security is that it shows you clearly through color coding what you are doing right security wise, and what you are doing wrong.  It further makes it easy to fix the security gaps that you choose to fix.

2. WordPress SEO by Yoast (Market your site)

The best SEO plugin by far.  Not only does this plugin check your SEO score, it provides you with valuable tips on you are missing in terms of focus keywords, SEO titles, meta data, and it even verifies that your focus key words are unique across pages and posts.  One problem is that many website owners install this important plugin, and then they completely ignore it, or misuse it.  It is important for all web owners to have a basic understanding of SEO, carefully select descriptive keywords, and write great meta descriptions for your posts.

3. W3 Total Cache (Optimize)

One of the things that really bother website owners is the speed at which their sites load.  While there are many factors that drive a website’s performance such as hosting service, theme quality, traffic load, number of components and plugins installed, use of CDNs, etc.. one of the most important things that many website owners miss is Caching.    W3 Total Cache users different tools to speedup a site’s loading time:

  • Page Caching: Serving static pages instead of dynamic ones which will reduce load time and stress on your server.
  • Minify: Removing all the white space in your site’s code which reduces the size of the files as they are transferred across the internet.
  • Database Caching: Caching database queries and query results.
  • CDN Integration: Using cloud servers to distribute your content across the internet which reduces transmission time to the end user.

Here is a great article on caching.  A good alternative to W3 Total Cache is WP Super Cache.

4. WP (Optimize)

Websites would be ugly landscapes without beautiful graphics and images to go with it.  The problem is that image files are big, and it really slows down your load times if you have too many of them.  This is an amazing little plugin that does all the magic behind the scenes.  Basically it compresses all your images for more efficient transmission over the internet and directly speeding up your site load times.

5. WP Optimize (and more Optimize …)

A simple little plugin that optimizes your database and allows you to clean up old records and post drafts and revisions.

We hope the above has been helpful… good hunting!

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