Virtual IT Room




Optimize IT Infrastructure & Manpower Costs

PalGeek’s Virtual IT Room eliminates over 75% of your IT hardware and software costs and allows you to run a lean, well organised, and modern company using the latest tools for a fraction of the traditional costs.


Automatic software upgrades

Keep your operations running safely and consistently by always having the latest versions of your software applications installed automatically after verification and testing by our team.


Instant application availability

Do you need to deploy or test a new software application?  Today’s traditional IT models can take days or even weeks to get the job done.  With PalGeek’s Virtual IT room you can get up and running instantly and pay only for what you need and use.


Enhanced IT infrastructure security

Stay safe and secure with multiple layers of security and with the latest in security patches always applied to your systems.


365/24/7 IT support

PalGeek’s best feature in every product: our amazing support team, available around the clock, 365 days in the year.


Comprehensive KPI Reports

Knowledge is power, and our Virtual IT Room reports provide a deep insight into your IT usage, customers, employees, security, data storage, and much more.


In a typical business setup you would have to invest in a separate IT infrastructure to cater to your daily operational needs such as servers, networking equipment, and software applications such as email server software, customer relationship management software, accounting software, and other business operations software depending on your type of business.  With a Virtual IT Room you invest in no hardware or software.  You only tell PalGeek the type of applications you want, and we make them available to you over a secure internet connection.

Anything that runs on a laptop, desktop, or server can be virtualized.  This includes, but is not limited to, email, accounting, business operations, security, data mining, personnel, and much more.  Do you use custom made software?  No problem, it can also be virtualized.  In a virtual IT room you completely free yourself and resources to do your everyday business instead of having to deal with, and plan for technical problems.

Free your company from the costs of expensive hardware and software investments that will quickly become obsolete, and save on the cost of daily IT operations, down time, and security threats by using one of the best Virtual IT platforms in the world with top of the line security, customer support, and infrastructure.

To make the virtual IT room work an internet connection is required.  To mitigate the risks of connections go down we can help you plan multiple access methodology including primary and secondary access to ensure load balancing and end to end redundancy.

A Virtual IT Room solution is much more secure than your typical IT server room.  Our servers are hosted around the globe, using some of the world’s best security and redundancy planning in the world.

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Virtual IT Room

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